Cupcake Designs To Consider For Your Wedding


Talking about your options for dessert can be a fun part of the menu discussion that you have with your wedding caterer. While some couples opt for traditional wedding cakes, there are other options for you to consider. Many people favor cupcakes, in part because they're easy to eat without cutlery—making them perfect if you envision your guests standing while they eat their dessert. You can choose from all sorts of cupcake flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, as well as flavors that are more unique. You should also think about what designs the cupcakes should feature. Here are some options:

Your Initials

An eye-catching way that your caterer can decorate your wedding cupcakes is to put your initials in icing on the top of each cupcake. For example, if your name starts with the letter "B" and your significant other's name starts with the letter "G," the caterer can come up with a stylish design that reads "B & G." Alternatively, if you'll be sharing the same last name after you're married, you might want your caterer to simply decorate your wedding cupcakes with this letter. If you used a stylized version of your initials on your wedding invitations or decorations, provide this design to your caterer to see if they can replicate it in icing.

Flower Icing

Another option that may appeal to you is to have your catering service ice each of your cupcakes so that they look like flowers. This can be an eye-catching design that ties in well with your wedding. For example, if you used white roses as a part of your wedding bouquet or you have white roses adorning the reception venue, cupcakes that are iced to look like white roses will be a good visual fit. This design can also have a tidy, classy look, which is something that you may favor.

Tuxedo And Gown

If you want to choose a different design, talk to your wedding caterer about decorating your cupcakes so that some depict a tuxedo and others depict a wedding gown. The caterer will often use fondant to achieve this intricate look, which you can expect your guests will appreciate. Of course, if a tuxedo and gown together don't relate to your wedding, you can choose an alternate look. For example, some couples might opt for all tuxedos if they are both wearing tuxedos, or all gowns if they are both wearing gowns. Ask your wedding caterer about cupcakes that they have decorated in the past so that you can evaluate these ideas, too.

For more information, contact a local business that provides wedding catering.


6 July 2021

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