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What You Can Expect To Find In An Authentic New York Deli Besides Meat

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If you are visiting New York City, you absolutely have to visit an authentic New York deli. Local delis in every ethnic neighborhood supply consumers with real tastes of their own cultures and heritages. When you visit these delis, you can expect more than just meat and cold cuts. Here is what else you can expect to find. Fresh and Authentic Breads While many New York delis sell meats and sandwiches, some of the best ones bake their own breads using traditional recipes that have been handed down for generations. For example, if you enter an authentic Italian deli, you will probably see focaccia, ciabatta and pane di matera breads, among others. Other eateries may offer these, but what makes the breads authentic are the recipes used by the deli owner to make the bread from scratch every day. The breads are not brought in from store bakeries or general purpose bakeries who might make their breads from pre-packaged mixes. All of these are sold by the loaf or sliced to order for sandwiches right there in the deli. If you walk into an Irish deli, you will probably get Irish soda bread with freshly pickled and prepared corned beef, hot or cold, served with a side of cabbage. The trick is to find a deli of any ethnicity in the city, make sure to ask about how the deli prepares its bread, and then you know if the deli has authentic bread or not. Authentic Side Dishes Many delis prepare side dishes and sell them out of the cooler case. However, the authentic delis usually make their side dishes and salads fresh every morning before the deli opens. This is usually why the delis do not open for breakfast and will not open until lunch–they are busy prepping the fresh foods and ingredients. Again, for true authenticity, you want authentic sides. A true German deli will probably have several kinds of German potato salad, while an American deli may serve baked beans six ways. The more true to the ethnicity and heritage the deli promotes, the more authentic it is. Authentic Soups Since New York delis are known for their sandwiches, it should come as no surprise that many of them also sell soups. An authentic Italian soup is Italian wedding soup, while an authentic Irish soup is lamb stew or a potato chowder. Just to encourage other consumers of other ethnicities as well as to appeal to tourists, authentic delis may also have a more common or popular soup on the menu, such as chicken noodle, but do not be fooled. There is almost always a slightly ethnic twist on these common soups (e.g., more oregano and basil, a tomato soup base rather than animal soup stock, etc.). If you’re looking to check out a deli in your area, visit Deer Park...

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Five Healthy And Natural Ways Diabetics Can Sweeten Their Coffee

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Being diagnosed with diabetes requires patients to re-evaluate their diets and change habits to prevent the severe health threats that go along with this deadly condition. For many newly-diagnosed diabetics, sprinkling a spoonful of sugar in the morning cup of coffee is the most difficult habit to alter.  Fortunately, there are a lot of sugar alternatives out there that not only protect a diabetic’s fragile health, but also taste great in coffee. The following are five all-natural examples: Erythritol This low-calorie sweetener is a sugar alcohol that naturally occurs in fruits. While erythritol exists naturally, the powdered form sold in grocery stores as a sweetener and used to sweeten beverages like coffee is usually produced through an industrial process. Erythritol is a good sweetener for diabetics because it will not cause blood sugar or insulin levels to go up. Another reason why diabetics should consider this sweetener option is that erythritol does not negatively impact cholesterol levels or triglyceride intake.  Agave nectar Agave nectar does contain sugar, but it does not cause blood sugar levels to go up as rapidly as refined sugar or some other sweeteners out there. It has a lower glycemic index measurement than refined sugar. It sweetens with fructose rather than glucose, and fructose is known for providing sweetening without causing an immediate impact on the bloodstream.  Agave nectar is particularly praised for its ability to sweeten coffee. It is produced from the agave plant, which is widely grown in Mexico and used to produce tequila.  Yacon syrup This sweetener comes from the Yacon plant that grows in South America’s Andes Mountains. Yacon syrup proves a sweetening effect thanks to its fructooligosaccharide content. It also contributes soluble fiber to recipes it is added to.  Xylitol Xylitol is another sugar alcohol that will sweeten without impacting blood sugar or insulin in the body. Not only does xylitol function well as a sweetening alternative, but it is also noteworthy for potential benefits it brings in regards to dental health. Xylitol has been shown to reduce the risk of developing dental caries and tooth decay.  Stevia This low-calorie sweetener comes from a plant that grows naturally in South America. Its calorie content is insignificant, but it is very sweet. Stevia not only offers a sugar alternative, but it also could potentially benefit the insulin sensitivity of diabetics.  One possible drawback of stevia is that it does contribute a distinct taste in addition to sweetening coffee and other recipes. Some individuals don’t like the taste of stevia and therefore don’t find this substance to be an effective sugar substitute.  For more information about how to improve the taste of coffee, contact Monin or a similar...

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3 Ways To Incorporate Pastrami Into Your Wedding Feast

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Getting married is one of the most important days of your life. You spend weeks planning every little detail to make sure your big day is perfect. One component of every wedding is the meal that you plan to serve your guests. If you have a favorite food, you want to incorporate that into the mix as much as you can. For those who love pastrami, here are a couple ideas that you can use to add your favorite meat into your wedding feast. Appetizer Grab some crescent rolls, pastrami, chive and onion cream cheese, fresh chives and Dijon mustard to make this treat. Place your ingredients on your crescent rolls, roll them up and bake them in the oven until they are a nice golden brown. Not only are these simple to make, but they don’t take a lot of time or cost you a lot of money, making them a perfect wedding appetizer. Sandwiches If you are going for simple and cost-effective, you can use pastrami to make tasty sandwiches. Grab some pastrami, Swiss cheese and spicy mustard and load it up on some tasty rye bread. You can also swap out the mustard and put a Russian dressing and coleslaw on it instead. Spice it up and create a simple snack sandwich that can complement any number of other items on your menu. You could offer a few different bread choices as well to give your guests something they are going to love, without having to worry about spending a fortune. Dinner Entrée If you want to make pastrami a part of your main dish, consider going with something like a hand-carved black pastrami and beef brisket. Add some sauerkraut, shredded Swiss, Dijon mustard, grain mustard and pickles and you have an awesome meal that is sure to please your guests. Serve it up with some fresh dinner rolls and a salad to make it a complete feast for everyone in attendance. You can always tweak the extras you put with it to offer more options if you choose. With so many different ways to bring pastrami into your wedding menu, there is no reason why you can’t have your favorite meat included in your big day. Try experimenting with a few options to see which one tastes and looks the best to ensure your guests get a great tasting meal that works for your budget. Visit City Foods Inc/Bea’s Best for more...

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Questions For Water Delivery Services

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Looking for the best water delivery service? Take a look at these details to understand what to ask vendors about their water delivery programs. Container Sizes Some water delivery services streamline their programs with large 5 gallon containers. These can be easier to ship and easier to use with a single piece delivery. Others, however, still use gallon containers — for example, delivering 6 gallons in a box. Ask the company what delivery method they support, and what options they have for getting regular drinking water to your doorstep. Glass or Plastic In this day and age, some people see the delivery of glass containers as a premier or value-added service. Others see it as a troublesome liability. Glass containers will be heavier and easier to break. On the other hand, some people really don’t like plastic. Make sure the delivery company supports your preference in terms of container materials. Scheduling Obviously, the delivery company’s schedule has to suit yours. You’ll want a certain volume per week, to suit the needs of whoever is living in your home, and you may prefer a certain time of day. Ask about what options the company will give you. Water Testing The best water delivery companies do the best they can to present good information to clients about the purity of water. However, some will go a few steps further and actually have lab techs test the water inside a home during deliveries or service calls. Ask for literature or on-site testing to determine how good delivered water is. Ask about issues like chlorine levels, heavy metals, turbidity, and more to figure out how much better the delivered water is than your tap water. Water Softeners Some water delivery companies can also provide items like full house water softeners. Getting these types of services may involve discounts or more convenient outfitting of a home’s water supply. Take a look at a company’s full catalog or portfolio before making a decision on which services to get, and think about whether water softening is a service you would need, depending on your water source, whether it is a municipal source or a well. These are some of the most important considerations in good quality vendor services for clean and safe drinking water in the home. Water delivery services can reduce the wasteful plastic consumption of buying bottled water at the store, and make life a lot more convenient for a...

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Keep That Bottled Water Handy — Here Are Some Benefits Of Hydration

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Having bottled water delivered regularly to your home or place of business is an important way to remember to keep hydrated. After all, it’s difficult to think of anything but drinking water when you’re looking at cases upon cases of the clear, refreshing liquid. Although you might take sips of bottled water throughout the day, many people don’t know the vast health benefits of staying hydrated. Whether you’re someone who’s active or a person with a sedentary lifestyle, drinking water should be a regular part of your daily routine. Here are some of the many benefits. Help With Weight Loss Water can be beneficial to your effort to lose weight in several ways. It’s the healthiest beverage choice, given that it doesn’t contain any calories, fat or sugar that could derail your fitness goals. Additionally, water helps to temporarily fill you up and can prevent you from overeating. WebMD also reports that ice-cold water gives your metabolism a boost, which is a helpful way to temporarily increase the rate at which your body burns calories. Maintains Healthy Bodily Functions Your body is primarily made up of water, so it makes sense that by drinking water regularly, you’re doing your body a favor. According to Men’s Fitness magazine, water helps to keep your body functioning as it should and contributes to the digestion of your food and the circulation of your blood. Water also allows your kidneys and bowels to function properly. Ever feel that unpleasant sensation of a dry mouth? Keeping hydrated can fix that, too. Improves Skin Health Over time, people who are constantly dehydrated develop dry skin that loses its elasticity, resulting in wrinkles and the appearance of premature aging. Through the simple act of drinking water, you’re giving your skin the vital hydration it needs. Although proper hydration can prevent or delay the onset of wrinkles, it can’t reverse them — so, it’s best to practice proper hydration as a preventative measure, rather than to try to get rid of your wrinkles. Reduces Stress Ever notice an intense period of stress? Take action by sipping a bottle of water. Dehydration can lead to feelings of anxiety, while keeping hydrated allows your body to keep your brain tissue moist and lessen feelings of stress. Water can also be an effective way to counteract headaches. Whether you frequently feel stressed at work or at home, it’s an effective strategy to keep a fresh bottle of water within reach. For more information on water delivery, contact a professional like Mountain Valley...

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3 African Herbs With Medicinal Properties

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Want to introduce some new flavors to your regular menu, and improve your health at the same time? If so, you may want to look into herbs that originate in Africa. African cuisine doesn’t get as much attention in the U.S. as some other ethnic cuisines, so if you haven’t had a chance to experience it, it’s worth taking the time to experiment with some recipes yourself. Here are a few African herbs to consider stocking in your kitchen. Njangsa               Njangsa is an herb that is made from crushing the seeds of fruit from the njangsa tree into a powder. The njangsa tree, which can grow as tall as 15 stories high, has a number of useful applications – its bark, stems, and roots are all used to make extracts and teas for medicinal purposes, and the wood from the trees is used to make musical instruments and decorative masks. The njangsa herb made from crushing seeds is generally used to add flavor to soups and stews, though it can also be made into a paste and used in sauce. It’s a spicy herb with a pepper-like flavor. If you have difficulty keeping weight on or if you have decreased appetite due to illness, add this spice to your food to help boost your weight. It’s a known appetite enhancer. Alligator Pepper The alligator pepper gets its name from the pods that hold the flavorful seeds – the seed pod looks like an alligator’s back. It is sometimes confused with another herb called grains of paradise, but the alligator pepper is sold with both pod and seed, and the grains of paradise are sold only as seeds. In parts of Africa, the pepper is served with kola nuts. Alligator pepper is a hot and spicy herb that can be used in place of ingredients like black pepper, cinnamon and cardamom to give your dish a flavor that’s new and different, but still spicy and flavorful. It’s thought to aid in digestion, so it may help you get over an upset stomach. Baobab Fruit Powder Baobab fruit powder is made from dried baobab fruits and seeds. The powder has a tangy, fruity flavor, and it’s an obvious choice to add to fruit smoothies or teas. However, you can also add it to baked goods like pancakes or muffins to give them a new fruity flavor. Some people also use the powder to add a pleasing tang to sauces or marinades. Baobab fruit powder is touted as a superfood with a number of medicinal qualities. It has a high vitamin C content and is used to treat vitamin C deficiency in Africa. It’s good for heart health and liver cleansing. Baobab fruit powder can also be used to fight wrinkles and help your body burn fat. These herbs can liven up your recipe collection while improving your health. If you’re having trouble finding these ingredients in your local grocery stores, check out online retailers that specialize in African...

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