Are You Preparing For An Emergency?


Have you ever watched television footage of areas that were hit by something like a hurricane or another natural catastrophe? Or, it might be that you have actually experienced going through a natural catastrophe yourself. Either way, if you have decided that you want to always be prepared in the event of any emergency, from planning food you'll need for a seventy-two-hour period to buying water containers for emergencies, here are some ideas that might help.

Start With Emergency Water 

You probably already know that you can live without food longer than you could live without water. Considering that, don't you think it would be good to put emergency water containers on the top of your shopping list? Consider how much drinking water you'll need and how much water you'll want. For instance, you will want more water for drinking purposes, so it stands to reason that you'll buy containers that will hold potable water that you figure you'll need for each person that might be in your home. In fact, you can buy emergency water containers that already hold water. Contact a company like WaterBrick International to learn more.

Think of buying water purification tablets, too. And besides water that you can use for bathing and for flushing toilets, consider buying packages of damp towelettes that can be used to freshen up so you won't have to use precious water for bathing. Also, consider buying water bottles to keep in your car for everyday use or for traveling. If you ever get stuck on a highway because of car trouble or if you run out of gas, you'll be grateful that you have those water bottles ready, even if the water isn't chilled.

Add Food You'll Eat 

Think of the foods you and your family like to eat and shop accordingly. Of course, you'll want to buy food that won't need refrigeration in case you lose electrical power during an emergency. With that in mind, consider buying things like canned soup, canned fruit cocktail, packaged crackers, peanut butter, granola bars, and even some wrapped candy. 

Each time you go to the grocery store, buy a few extra items that can be added to your food storage. For example, on one shopping trip, concentrate on buying an extra jar of peanut butter and a jar of jelly to go with it. Another week, buy canned fruit, and the next week, purchase granola bars. Soon you'll have seventy-two hours' worth of needed food for emergency purposes, and you'll have greater peace of mind. 


22 February 2019

Finding The Right Food Supplier

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