Questions For Water Delivery Services


Looking for the best water delivery service? Take a look at these details to understand what to ask vendors about their water delivery programs.

Container Sizes

Some water delivery services streamline their programs with large 5 gallon containers. These can be easier to ship and easier to use with a single piece delivery. Others, however, still use gallon containers -- for example, delivering 6 gallons in a box. Ask the company what delivery method they support, and what options they have for getting regular drinking water to your doorstep.

Glass or Plastic

In this day and age, some people see the delivery of glass containers as a premier or value-added service. Others see it as a troublesome liability. Glass containers will be heavier and easier to break. On the other hand, some people really don't like plastic. Make sure the delivery company supports your preference in terms of container materials.


Obviously, the delivery company's schedule has to suit yours. You'll want a certain volume per week, to suit the needs of whoever is living in your home, and you may prefer a certain time of day. Ask about what options the company will give you.

Water Testing

The best water delivery companies do the best they can to present good information to clients about the purity of water. However, some will go a few steps further and actually have lab techs test the water inside a home during deliveries or service calls. Ask for literature or on-site testing to determine how good delivered water is. Ask about issues like chlorine levels, heavy metals, turbidity, and more to figure out how much better the delivered water is than your tap water.

Water Softeners

Some water delivery companies can also provide items like full house water softeners. Getting these types of services may involve discounts or more convenient outfitting of a home's water supply. Take a look at a company's full catalog or portfolio before making a decision on which services to get, and think about whether water softening is a service you would need, depending on your water source, whether it is a municipal source or a well.

These are some of the most important considerations in good quality vendor services for clean and safe drinking water in the home. Water delivery services can reduce the wasteful plastic consumption of buying bottled water at the store, and make life a lot more convenient for a household.


9 July 2015

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