Juice Purees: Fruit, Vegetable, Straight Up, And Turned To Juice


A juice puree supplier is one who works for a produce processor that turns produce into purees. The supplier then sells the purees to a number of different markets. Those markets are as follows. 

The Fruit Puree/Smoothie Market

Smoothie bars use fruit purees to make their popular health drinks for customers. The fruit purees make it very easy to make a big batch of any one flavor of smoothie on the menu, mix up smoothie recipes without having to puree the fruit first, and combine purees for multiple fruit smoothie recipes. This particular market may even sell the fruit purees straight up to drink on their own as drinkable fruit for people who do not have time to sit and eat berries or an orange and want to drink their fruit on the go instead. 

The Vegetable Puree Market

Kale and kombucha are the hot veggie drinks right now, especially when combined with grasses for added fiber, minerals, and vitamins. All-natural, organic, and totally vegan restaurants buy up the vegetable purees quickly. So do ethnic restaurants using the tomato and carrot purees for their recipes. If you are looking for quality vegetable purees, look in those directions. 

Standalone Drink

Purees sold in bottles are now on the refrigerated store shelves everywhere under numerous brand names. Customers can drink liquid fruit, vegetable, or combined fruit and veggie purees for their health. When you cannot eat enough fruit and vegetables, you can grab a pure puree of either or both in one bottle off store shelves and drink it down. 

Turned to Juice

A juice puree is the fruit or veggie and the pulp taken straight from the fruit or veggie itself. It has not been strained, pressed, or watered down in the least. However, a puree is exactly what is used to make juice, and purees are sold to juicing companies all the time to add nutrients, flavors, colors, and more substance to juice than sugar or corn syrup. If you wanted to make your own juice, you could buy an organic fruit puree off the refrigerated store shelf, add one hundred percent pure apple juice and/or water to the puree, stir, and drink as juice. It would be a little cloudy because it has not been clarified by straining, but that is exactly what you would have if you made juice at home from your own fresh, organic puree. 

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30 January 2020

Finding The Right Food Supplier

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