3 Ways To Incorporate Pastrami Into Your Wedding Feast


Getting married is one of the most important days of your life. You spend weeks planning every little detail to make sure your big day is perfect. One component of every wedding is the meal that you plan to serve your guests. If you have a favorite food, you want to incorporate that into the mix as much as you can. For those who love pastrami, here are a couple ideas that you can use to add your favorite meat into your wedding feast.


Grab some crescent rolls, pastrami, chive and onion cream cheese, fresh chives and Dijon mustard to make this treat. Place your ingredients on your crescent rolls, roll them up and bake them in the oven until they are a nice golden brown. Not only are these simple to make, but they don't take a lot of time or cost you a lot of money, making them a perfect wedding appetizer.


If you are going for simple and cost-effective, you can use pastrami to make tasty sandwiches. Grab some pastrami, Swiss cheese and spicy mustard and load it up on some tasty rye bread. You can also swap out the mustard and put a Russian dressing and coleslaw on it instead. Spice it up and create a simple snack sandwich that can complement any number of other items on your menu. You could offer a few different bread choices as well to give your guests something they are going to love, without having to worry about spending a fortune.

Dinner Entrée

If you want to make pastrami a part of your main dish, consider going with something like a hand-carved black pastrami and beef brisket. Add some sauerkraut, shredded Swiss, Dijon mustard, grain mustard and pickles and you have an awesome meal that is sure to please your guests. Serve it up with some fresh dinner rolls and a salad to make it a complete feast for everyone in attendance. You can always tweak the extras you put with it to offer more options if you choose.

With so many different ways to bring pastrami into your wedding menu, there is no reason why you can't have your favorite meat included in your big day. Try experimenting with a few options to see which one tastes and looks the best to ensure your guests get a great tasting meal that works for your budget. Visit City Foods Inc/Bea's Best for more ideas.


21 October 2015

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